Client Testimonials

"Lori’s voice was so soothing and I truly felt that my animals enjoyed her voice and sense of calm.  At the time, both my Dog Shayna Maidel and my Cat Larry were very ill. My dog was suffering from a bad reaction to the drug Rimadyl and almost died and my Cat was not only suffering from a chronic kidney failure but he had heart problems as well.

Our first session was very good; my animals really enjoyed communicating with Lori.  I was able to regain a sense of calm from my crisis at that moment. Lori was so helpful and I was able to get first hand how my furbabies were doing and what they felt they needed from the Veterinarian and me  Dana, Esconido CA

"My wife and I worked happily with another communicator before but once we worked with Lori we knew she was special. Lori has a sweet character and a deep love for animals that comes through clearly in her sessions. She is also very, very good at what she does. She takes her role seriously and has a high ethical standard. She doesn't get in the way of the communication and allows you to get a clear understanding of your pet's feelings and point of view. She will clearly say if she is offering her own opinion on what your pet is saying. 

She has helped us with so many problems we have faced with our dogs over the 15 years we have known her. She has made our relationship with our pets deeper and richer.  She has helped us recover from their passing". Jim, VA

" Lori has been helping me with my animals for the past 10 years. Most of those were/are here now, but a few were passed away when we visited with them. Lori is skillful, kind, astute, and very helpful in assisting me form what questions I may want to ask to learn what I need to know. Sometimes we delve into solving a particular problem, and other times I have consulted with her simply to see how my animal is feeling or what concerns they may have about their lives. Every single time we work together, I come away feeling more connected and have a deeper understanding of the spiritual nature of my animal friend. My heart feels so full after these sessions. Working with Lori has made a huge difference in my family, and I am so grateful." 

Jody CA

"The pain I felt was worse than anything I've experienced before. There was no one I could talk to and express my sorrow.  People did not understand. I could not talk to them about animal communication. After speaking with Lori  I knew my baby was okay and that I would also be okay because I was not alone. Her words were soft and I knew it was him she connected with. She understood the pain I felt like no one else could. Helping me in this way when I was so sad was like giving me a miracle. I cannot thank you enough for understanding and caring". Kathleen, Ca

"Our dog Ford is healthy, happy, and loving life again. Two months ago he was diagnosed with Parvo. While under the Vet's care he was quarantined. Devastated and heartbroken we contacted Lori Pacheco an animal communicator in California we had heard about. She communicated with him and he indicated that he would pull through. He let us know that he knew he was named after a very special friend of my husband's. Wow! Forever grateful". Al & Helen, Ca

"I contacted a wonderful animal communicator Lori Pacheco ( a colleauge of Teresa Wagner) and she said that "Minnie" told her she wasn't in any pain, or had any disease but was very tired and would probably pass in the night very gently and for me not to worry.  Later in the afternoon all the chickens came round Minnie sitting in a group as if to say good bye. On into the evening Minnie's breath became slowed and more shallow and then she was gone. Her passing was calm and just the way she described it would be". Marilee, CA