Pet Loss Communication

The loss of an animal friend can leave us in shock and absolutely numb, it is as if no one else can know our deep pain, sadness, and sometimes guilt over their passing.

Clients find peace in being able to connect with their loved one to share  their thoughts and ask how their animal friend is doing.  A pet loss communication of this type is a loving, nurturing way that can help you through the process, find some peace and with time,  begin your journey of healing.  

This will take time so be kind to yourself. Grief has many layers and complex aspects to it. Your relationship was one of a kind and you want to honor the process

Please know that I understand.  I have been through the process and it is so very painful. The loss of a beloved animal friend was the reason I began this journey over 13 years ago.  My hope is to share my experiences  to be able to assist and help others stay connected and with time  bring about peace.

 Talking to friends who understand, reaching out to grief support groups can be a healing help as well

Grief and Pet Loss Resources:

Animal Communicator Teresa Wagner has been a grief support counselor for over 25 years. I can't reccomend her highly enough! She offers  grief support workshops, books  and CD's 

"Animals in Spirit" is a wonderful book written my renowned  animal communicator Penelope Smith that has brought peace and understanding to many.

Grief Healing Discussion Group is a forum to post your thoughts about your loved one

Often  the support of flower essences can help in very powerful yet subtle ways .  I have used both these companies many times. I like the Flower Essence Society 

Alaskan  Essences combine flower essences and gems stones in very helpful blends


 "The pain I felt was worse than anything I've experienced before. There was no one I could talk to and express my sorrow.  People did not understand. I could not talk to them about animal communication. After speaking with Lori  I knew my baby was okay and that I would also be okay because I was not alone. Her words were soft and I knew it was him she connected with".