About Lori Animal Communicator

Over 15 years of experience as an animal communicator serving clients all over the United States and beyond.

I live in Sonoma County California with my animal family and the extended family I have created because of my loving dog April  who  is a natural healer.

I  Trained with, then worked as an associate of Animal Communicator  Teresa Wagner for several years. Her dedication and ethics I have adopted into my practice. The knowledge, compassion, empathy and integrity she believes in  have been my focus and goal in working with others.

I am a Reiki Master and have a practice from my home studio in Windsor California if you are interested in Reiki with me or your animals  please visit my site lorireikipathways.com


  • Ethics and Essential Energetic Boundaries: Teresa Wagner 2014
  • Legacies of Love: Tersa Wagner 2010
  • Essential Counseling Skills:  Teresa Wagner 2009
  • Speaking with the Souls of Animals: Teresa Wagner 2010
  • Animal Communication: Marta Williams 2005

  • Energy Medicine: with  Donna Eden 2018
  • Energetic Scanning for Animals:  Carol Schultz  2009
  • Medical Intuitive Reading: Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz 2013
  • Reiki Level I:  Roxanne Wright 2006
  • Reiki Level II: Roxanne Wright 2006
  • Reiki Master: Roxanne Wright 2007
  • Reiki Master Teacher: Shana Dean 2015