About Lori Animal Communicator

Over 15 years of experience as an animal communicator serving clients throughout the United States and beyond.

I began this work when I first met Teresa Wagner over 10 years ago, I trained with her and became friends, then later she asked me to work with her as an associate animal telepath. It seemed our love and respect for animals was mutual and she taught me so much. Her dedication and ethics to her clients and animals  I have adopted into my practice.  I have  continued on my own after moving to Sonoma county. During the same time I studied and became a Reiki Master Teacher, where I practice Reiki with people and animals and teach classes here in Windsor .

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and have a practice from my home studio in Windsor California.  If you are interested in Reiki  for one of your animals  please visit my site lorireikipathways.com


  • Ethics and Essential Energetic Boundaries: Teresa Wagner 2014
  • Legacies of Love: Tersa Wagner 2010
  • Essential Counseling Skills:  Teresa Wagner 2009
  • Speaking with the Souls of Animals: Teresa Wagner 2010
  • Animal Communication: Marta Williams 2005
  • Energetic Scanning for Animals:  Carol Schultz  2009
  • Energy Medicine: with  Donna Eden 2018
  • Medical Intuitive Reading: Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz 2013
  • Reiki Level I:  Roxanne Wright 2006
  • Reiki Level II: Roxanne Wright 2006
  • Reiki Master: Roxanne Wright 2007
  • Reiki Master Teacher: Shana Dean 2015