What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication or telepathic communication is really connecting soul-to soul with another being by focusing on their energy. Receiving thoughts, feelings, words, images  and knowing.

I have been working as an animal communicator here in California since 2006 and have connected with many animal species throughout the country and abroad.

My communications are client centered meaning you and your animal are the focus of each session, free of judgement, working  in a compassionate and caring setting free from distractions allowing you to share and ask anything.

Whether your questions are very basic or related to disease or illness our focus is the same to directly connect to the soul of your loved one. 

Some possible reasons you may want to schedule a consult  and connect with your animals

  • Perhaps you are moving and want to let them know when and where
  • You may want to ask how they feel about bringing in a new animal to your home
  • Moving them to a new pasture or stable
  • Going on vacation and want to let them know when
  • Helping animals understand why they have been re-homed with you
  • Sometimes behavioral issues such as fear, aggression or grief from trauma
  • They may need help understanding and healing from a disease or surgey
  • Maybe you just want to ask for help in understanding an aspect of their life
  • If you would like to learn more about distant Reiki for animals  or would like to request a session for one of your animal companions visit my site or contact me directly and we can discuss options.
  • * Note  I no longer communicate with  lost or missing pets. 


 " Sometimes we delve into solving a particular problem, and other times I have consulted with her simply to see how my animal is feeling or what concerns they may have about their lives. Every single time we work together, I come away feeling more connected and have a deeper understanding of the spiritual nature of my animal friend" Read more


Pet Loss Sessions

A Pet Loss session is one of sacred and  deep meaning. Please know that when you contact me for this type of session I understand. There are truly no words that can express the sorrow and deep loss you are feeling. Connecting in this way with empathy and compassion can help you understand what it is like for your beloved animal and express anything you need to

  • Asking about your animal's thoughts and beliefs through their death and transition
  • Maybe you did not get to say a proper goodbye?
  •  This kind of session is a deeper spirit connection between your two souls and reconnecting in this way often helps the pain and numbness you are feeling right now
  • With the kindness, compassion and gratitude I have experienced, I offer these sessions to facilitate peace and with time, may allow you to begin to heal. 
  • Visit my Pet Loss page for more information and how to prepare